Monday, March 6, 2017

Cartels as Terrorists

Brandon Darby of Breitbart throws out one of those sticky ideas that no one thinks of until it is said, then everyone is like "ohhhhhh! yeah, of course!".

“Most of the politicians in the border states are actually surrogates or have been surrogates of the criminal organizations that control those regions,” Darby said during a live taping in the border city of Laredo of the C-SPAN show Washington Journal. “Ultimately it going to take that (declaring cartels as terrorists) to stop them.”
As a terrorist organization, the U.S. could go after the corrupt politicians that protect them, the banks that funnel their money and other entities that the criminal organizations rely on. The measure is the same that authorities eventually did with narco-terrorist in Colombia such as the FARC, he said. While there are drug cartels like the Sinaloa Federation that tend to leave the public alone for the most part, in the case of the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas, the brutality with which those cartels victimize the innocents is enough to warrant the tittle.

I've always wondered why the US hasn't actively tried to defeat these Terrorist Cartels. With this idea out on the free marketplace, maybe we can get to a point where we can properly defend ourselves and our borders from the Terrorist Cartels that smuggle all the drugs into the US and take advantage of young women who choose to migrate.

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