Monday, March 6, 2017

"I Don't Like Math"

I recently had a conversation with a Lady Friend, and it went a little like this:

TB: What are you studying?

LF: I'm getting a business degree,

TB: So you want to be a secretary?

LF: Very Funny.

TB: I thought so, too.

LF: My dad wanted me to get an engineering degree, but I Don't Like Math.

TB: You mean you don't like being bad at math?

LF: Okay, no, but I'm pretty decent at it

TB: Really?

LF: Seriously! I was in honors math in High School!

TB: You might as well be getting a Philosophy or Gender Studies Degree.

LF: Hey, Philosophy is my minor.

TB: I have to go, bye,

my lady friend there needs to change her mindset if she wants to get smarter. I used to say I didn't like math, then I realized that it was just because I did not enjoy practicing skills. So I learned how to practice skills, and then found that mathematics came a lot easier when I wasn't depressed every time I had to start on my homework



P.S. I ended up changing my degree from Pre-Med to Business-Economics.

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