Monday, March 6, 2017

Handedness/Chirality in Nature

There are some pattern points I have found in life regarding the left and right handedness of nature.

Right and Left handed objects are inherently different. They cannot be superimposed upon each other, and they cannot be rotated, shifted, or manipulated in order to match their counterpart.

The best example to an educated individual can be found in organic chemistry:

The triangle means the atom is pointing out towards you, the dashed line means it is pointing out away from you. Straight lines mean it is on the same rotational plane.

If you didn't waste thousands of dollars on college to get a piece of paper, the best example is literally your right and left hand:


No matter what which way you try and move your hands, you will find that you cannot turn your right hand into your left hand and vice versa without literally taking apart your cells and re-arranging them. 

The political spectrum is also aligned Right vs. Left:

Even your brain is incompatible with itself:


It should come as no surprise then, that facial analysis and Physiognomy can also have Chiral properties. 

This is a pattern that is fun to recognize, and invokes my curiosity. If you can think of more Chirality in Nature, leave a comment with it.

Thank you for your time


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