Monday, March 6, 2017

Experiment Failed.

The US Gov't was built upon a unique experimental governing system.

The founding fathers developed a system that would permit the best of society to vote for their representative to the government.

Only people with skin in the game were permitted to direct the future of the Nation.

A couple of generations later and *poof* the entire concept of a representative democracy was perverted by the permittance of foreigners and women gaining the right to vote.

This has observably shifted the political spectrum into anti-nationalist sentiments and incentivizes individuals to vote for their own welfare instead of the good of the Nation.

Our government has, faster than any other government in history, become irreversibly corrupt, partly due to the age of industrialization and information coming within quick succession of each other.

I see two viable alternatives.

The first is to throw out the idea of a representative democracy, and go straight to a direct democracy system. 200 years ago, there was no mechanism to allow for the type of voting that we are capable of today. With modern technology, there is no reason individuals cannot vote directly through a free market system for laws and international representatives. This form of governing is untested in modern Western Civilization.

The second is to develop, ground up, a Monarchy with parliamentary representation. A monarchic form of governing has done the most work in advancing civilization, conserving culture, and defending a population throughout the centuries. This is a tried and proven form of governing that keeps a culture preserved.

I don't know what the best way to govern a population is, not one person really does. But I do know that what we have in place now is not working. The details can be worked out in time, but something has to change.

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